Monday, April 21, 2014

Mid Winter Break Highlights

Yes, Mid Winter Break.  I know I should be posting about Spring Break or Easter, but I found this half done post and am still attempting to play some sort of catch up with this blog!

Valentine's Day
         The kids Midwinter break started Friday the 14th.  What better way to kick off a week of no school than a day of partying at school? 
 Here is a shot of the kids with each of their Valentine's Day boxes/folders from school (Mason actually celebrated with his preschool class on the day before).  Carson was a little bummed, because his teachers didn't allow any candy to be handed out with their cards.  His brother and sister were nice (for the most part) and shared some of theirs with him.  I was able to go help for part of Abby's party and it was a lot of fun.  The first grade team goes all out with parties and I have enjoyed helping with both Carson and Abby's.  This year, in third grade, the holiday celebrations are a lot more subdued and they don't even ask for parent volunteers for them.  Just another indication of how big my big boy is getting.
    That night we had a family Valentine's Day dinner.  I am a big fan of making holidays special and fun for the kids, but in a somewhat easy and not too time consuming way, so here is a Valentine's Day dinner, R. family style. Heart plastic cups (which then continue to get used by the kids all year long mixed in with Halloween and Christmas ones), paper heart plates, heart name tags made out of red and white wrapping paper left over from Christmas (made by Carson), and heart suckers which I thought perfectly complimented the tea-light candles in our fancy candlestick holders, the beautiful flowers Mike got me, and some candy in our special candy dish from Finland.  We dined on delicious heart shaped pizza provided by Mr. Papa Murphy.
     Before bedtime, we opened up our Valentine's Day mailboxes and read the notes that we had written each other that week.  It was low-key and perfect.

       The second week of the Olympics was during mid winter break which couldn't have worked out more perfectly for our sports loving boy.  Most nights after the little boys were put to bed, we let the big kids stay up and watch with us for a little while.  Usually that meant Carson was watching and Abby was doing art at the table, but both of them were thrilled to get the privilege to stay up.  I am not nearly as big of a fan of the Winter Olympics as I am the Summer, but it is still fun to watch.  On Friday of that week, the kids and I spent the day planning and getting ready for our third family Olympics.
       We had opening ceremonies, ski jump, cross country skiing (both done with video games), speed skating (timed sprints), hockey (our own made up floor hockey with plastic cups and a ball), and the biathlon (you had to run and then stop and try to shoot cards from the game Headbanz).
Abby's American flag for the opening ceremonies (the stuffed animals and dolls in the background are the spectators).

Carson's opening ceremony outfit which for some reason included his bathrobe and slippers.

On the medal stand.
Why do all the medalists do this?

The biathlon was a big hit and it was fun to watch each member of the family sliding around in their socks and trying to beat each others times.
Mike helping Mason.
Abby after winning gold in the speed skating.  
       Sometimes family events seem to be equal parts fun and combating meltdowns and/or fighting and after many moments of almost going crazy with the planning stage with kids during the day, I was a little apprehensive about how the night was going to go.  The kids really pulled it together though and we had a lot of fun.  Carson said his favorite part of break was the family Olympics and I'd have to agree with him.  
      There are no pictures of E, because he was snoozing in his bed, but I'm sure he will be ready to compete in the R. family summer games 2016 (where he will be three!  I can't even think of that...)  
Daddy Daughter Dance
           Our city's Daddy/Daughter Dance has become a tradition for these two and I'm not sure who looks forward to it more.

There is just something about a daughter that melts a dad's heart...

      Other highlights of break included some play dates, the big kids getting soaked in the rain, and Carson and I going on a little "date" one day when Mike worked from home.  We put Elliot down for a nap, and went to our local grocery store where we dropped Mason and Abby off at the kids play place they have and Carson and I ate lunch, talked, and watched and learned about curling (which he was totally into!)  It was an enjoyable week and went by way too fast.  


  1. So fun--I love that you guys do the Olympics!!!

  2. So sweet that Abby and Mike go to the daddy-daughter dance every year. Every year I think about signing up for it and never get around to it. What a special thing for a sweet little girl to get to do just with her dad.