Thursday, March 6, 2014


       If you are a Seahawks fan, you know that this was the year.  It was a fan's fairytale season, complete with a nail biting play off game with our rival to get us to the Superbowl, and then a blow out Superbowl leaving no doubt about the validity of this team.  
      And if you live in the state of Washington, you know that 12th man took it to a whole new level.  The called it Seahawk fever and it was everywhere.  Flags hanging from houses, on cars, in restaurants, stores, everywhere.   When I took E to his one year check up, the pediatrician had a little 12th man pin on that said, "I'm in!", when I took Carson to the orthodontist they had a huge flag hanging, and when I went to the dentist they had a gigantic floor mat.   We were at Red Robin on a Friday (blue Friday) and there were jerseys everywhere.  There was also a spontaneous Seahawks cheer/chant by some of the patrons.  Our local grocery employees had the choice between Seahawk apparel or their normal uniform for almost the entire month of January.  They also would do trivia on Saturdays and give away free cupcakes to the winner. Twice two of my children (Abby and Carson one time and Abby and Mason another) were the recipients of these cupcakes.  Although they didn't actually know the answer to the questions, but I think the people in the bakery thought they were cute and just let them keep guessing until they got it right.   
        For the Superbowl we had over my brother and Paula, my dad (my mom was on a flight home from Utah), my father in law, and my two brother-in-laws.  
Carson had Mikey Bear dressed and ready to go in his Seahawks gear.  

Mike and Paula 
Grandpa and Abby. 
Before the big game.  
Representing the "12."  Although really Abby and Mason just like to dress up, have parties and eat treats and really have no interest in watching the game AT ALL (they disappeared upstairs for most of it emerging only occasionally.  Abby later told me that they came downstairs when they needed to refill their stash of Skittles upstairs.  I did notice Mason sneakily darting to the kitchen several times). Mike and Carson are the true diehard fans in the family, but I do enjoy watching.  
 The kids hung signs around the house with 12s and "Go Seahawks."  Our food spread included some of the Seahawks favorites.
 Sherman's favorite Fruit Gushers along with one of his quotes (we learned this was his favorite food from our local grocery store trivia).
 Pete is always chompin' away on gum on the sidelines.
     And, of course, Skittles.  Carson passed them around after touchdowns and I'm happy to report there were none left at the end of the game.

      It was amazing and is (obviously) going down as the greatest Superbowl of my life.  Mike and Carson tried to go to the parade in Seattle a few days later, but they couldn't even get tickets to get on the train to get up there.  They estimated that over 700.000 people went!  We heard of several other families that had the same experience as Mike and Carson so I can't even imagine how many people would have been there if everyone who wanted to go had been able to.
     You couldn't have asked for a better ending to a season, here's to hoping they can pull it off again next year!

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