Thursday, February 20, 2014

First Day of Preschool

       Last summer we had told Mason that when he was potty trained he could go to preschool.  As the weeks of potty training turned into months, however, I had pretty much written off preschool until next year.  Shortly after Christmas time, it finally began to click for him (here I feel like I need to give some credit to Abby who was a HUGE help in potty training.  She would always run to the bathroom with him, sing him songs, read him books, etc.  She is such a good big sister).  As soon as he started wearing underwear, Mason started asking about preschool. I called up Miss Cindy, which is where our oldest two went, and she had some openings in her afternoon class. The second week of January Mason started pre-school.  He goes Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for 2.5 hours.  The below story basically sums up how he feels about going.

A Wednesday night...
Me:  "Tomorrow you get to go to preschool."
Mason, immediately throws both his arms around my neck and gives me a kiss.  "Oh, thank you Mommy, thank you!"

Basically, he loves it.  

Oh, this kid.  How is he growing up so fast?  He is one of the "baby boys" in our family, not a big kid!

Mason picked out this Winnie the Pooh backpack months ago and he was so excited to finally use it for real school.

So excited to go in.  He wasn't nervous at all!

Miss Cindy, a favorite at our house, and a goofy Mason.

We love you big boy and are so proud of you!

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