Monday, October 7, 2013

When Elliot Smiles

       Recently, we were at the dentist and one of the hygienists was watching Elliot and asked if he was smiling.  I confirmed that yes he was smiling and added that he smiles with his whole face.   To which she responded, "He smiles with his whole body!

                                                                When Elliot smiles...
His little mouth opens as wide as it possibly can
His big blue eyes shine
He kicks his feet in excitment
His entire body seems to radiate happiness
He looks just like Mike did as a baby (my mother-in-law comments on it every time she sees E and I've seen pictures.  The resemblance is uncanny)
Two dimples appear
And just when I think the smile couldn't possibly get any bigger, I will plant one on his kissable, chubby cheek and somehow it will
When Elliot smiles, all is right in my world.
I am so in love with this baby.  


  1. He really is so so SO cute! I love that sweet little smile!

  2. I miss him! I haven't seen him in forever. Glad I get my fix this weekend.