Sunday, July 7, 2013

February Recap

Below our some of our February happenings. 

Elliot meeting Great Grandpa E and Grandma Billye.

Valentine's Day.  My visiting teacher brought over heart shaped sugar cookies with a container of homemade pink frosting and it was the perfect treat/activity.  It saved me from thinking up something to do as an activity that night.  I sent out some candy and the three big kids all got to decorate their own cookie after dinner.
Elliot wearing his "heartbreaker" shirt.  I am such a sucker for all the baby/toddler holiday shirts.  
Abby doing one of her favorite activities during those first couple months; snuggling Elliot.  This particular night we were playing family games on the Kinnect, but she opted out of all her turns and chose to just stay on the couch with her baby brother.  She still loves holding him and tells me all the time how she wants him to just stay little and asks why he has to get so big so quickly.

Daddy/daughter dance.  This event was much anticipated in our house.  Mike took Abby last year for the first time and she has been looking forward to it ever since.  We picked out a special dress over a month in advance and stored it in our closet.  She would often go in there to look at and talk about the dance.  Mike got her a rose and she loved it. 

What a lucky girl to have a daddy who adores her so much.  And what a lucky daddy to have such a sweet, beautiful little girl.  
They went on a double date with some of our friends.  

Just a random shot of cuteness.  I love little newborn hats.  

February also contained much more screen time than I am normally okay with for my children, but when you are in survival mode you do what you've got to do.

Abby with Rebecca bundled up for a February afternoon.  She loves, loves, loves this doll.

Elliot met his girlfriend Kaylee for the first time.
He nonchalantly went for the hand hold while he looked the other way as if nothing was going on.
When Kaylee loudly protested, it startled the poor little Romeo.  

The spent the rest of their time together flailing arms, making cute baby noises, and generally ignoring each other.  That's okay.  They've a good twenty plus years to let the romance blossom.  

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