Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kiwi's birthday

     Kiwi's actual birthday fell on a Tuesday.  I told her that the only thing she had to do that day was swimming lessons, but the rest of the day was hers (within reason of course).  I think she was most excited to not have any chores and quickly thought of several things she wanted to do.  
      We started the morning at the donut shop down the street which my children love and will jump on any excuse to go to (it's become the birthday breakfast of choice).  We then went to swimming lessons, had a picnic at the park right next store and returned for their open swim.  When we got home, she wanted to have a movie afternoon.  We invited our friends from across the street (Kiwi wanted everyone in jammies) and they came over with their blankets and favorite stuffed animals (also Kiwi's request) to watch Finding Nemo while Mason napped.
       We then met Mike at Red Robin for her free birthday meal and then opened a couple of presents back home.  
 Ready to watch Finding Nemo
So excited when the birthday sundae came out and they sang to her.
 Five years old!
He thinks he's five too.  
She got new jammies for herself and her doll Isabella.

      Kiwi really wanted a drop off party this year where friends came with no parents.  She decided she wanted just girls except for her brothers and wanted an outside party.   The kids painted and decorated sun shaped frames, played "pin the sunglasses on the girl," did Olympic slip and sliding (they all wanted to be announced before their turn and to get a score), water balloons, and played in the wading pool.  Instead of having cake, we did build your own sundaes which were a hit.  It was a fun afternoon.  When we asked the birthday girl what her favorite part was she replied, "All of it!"

She was a lucky girl to get three birthday celebrations this year, but we are a lucky family to have her as a little girl and I love the chance that birthdays give us to celebrate each child.

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