Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Week

This week...

Little Man has been home sick all week.

Mike has made it home before 7 once (6:45 last night).

Mason learned how to say "pancake."

We basically haven't left the house all week.

Our walls have started to close in on us.

I have felt guilty for feeling like our walls were closing in on us, since I haven't even been the sick one (and Little Man has been such a trooper and so sweet).

The TV has been on more in the last four days than it usually is in a month.


Kiwi went to preschool and I kind of wished someone would send me somewhere for 2.5 hours.

Mason wore his pajamas all day.  Every time I changed his diaper, I thought about going upstairs and putting him in clothes, but it never happened.  After nap, I figured we might as well wait until bath and then put him in new p.j.'s.

In the process of making dinner I used the last of the lettuce, the last of the ground turkey, the last of the bread, and the last of the milk (I had planned on going grocery shopping on Monday).  Little Man (who has got his appetite back today) and Kiwi picked at their dinners saying the pasta didn't taste right (it was bow tie instead of penne) and Mason refused to even try his. He shook his head, said no and repeatedly patted his plate and asked for pancakes.


Little Man has definitely turned a corner today and seems to be on the mend.  The other two little one's immune systems seem to be holding strong and I pray it stays that way.

In approximately an hour, my husband will be home and I will be headed out the door to Book Club.

I am more excited to go grocery shopping than I have been in a long time.

Marcus got invited to run in New York City in the Highschool Dream Mile at a huge national Addidas Meet in June and all of my siblings (minus Mat in Russia) are trying to scheme a way to join our parents in going to the Big Apple to cheer him on.

And tomorrow is Friday!

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  1. So glad that Carson is feeling better. So hard to have sick kids, isn't it?

    I hope you get to go to NYC. That would be so exciting!