Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nineteen Months


A little snapshot of what our guy is like at nineteen months.

*Mason can reach the knobs on the pantry now and is very good at helping himself to anything within it's reach.  Almost every time I am in the kitchen preparing a meal, I will turn and see Mason surrounded by numerous cereal boxes sampling a little of each.  Sometimes, I put them away and try to redirect him, but often I let him be, because he is happy, occupied, and is such a slow eater that it doesn't really ruin his appetite for dinner.  When it becomes a problem is when the big kids come and start to get in on the action.  Suddenly bowls appear and Mason is filling them up.  When I remind the older lovelies that dinner will be in twenty minutes and that it is not time to snack they reply, "But Mommy, Mason's giving them to us.  He WANTS us to eat them.  We're helping to keep him happy" while they shove frosted mini wheats in their mouths as fast as Mason can dole them out.

*He doesn't like anything between his mama and himself, like say for example the bathroom door.  He will lay down right next to the door, put his little fingers under it and say, "Ma Ma?  Ma Ma?  Ma! Ma!"  I find this entertaining/hilarious/cute/frustrating depending on how the day is going.

*He is absolutely obsessed with shoes.  He says "soes" and is constantly going to the laundry room and trying on shoes from the shoe bin.  He also enjoys bringing others their shoes.  If we are sitting around in the family room, he will bring each member of the family a pair of their shoes.

*He loves to go "bye bye."  It doesn't even matter where we are going, he's usually pretty happy to get on his coat and of course his shoes and get in either the stroller or car to go somewhere.  Every time we are in the car, he must point to each seat and tell me who sits where.

*Almost as exciting as going somewhere is somebody ringing the doorbell.  His entire face lights up and he lets out an excited gasp and books it to the door.  Often he is saying "Nana, Nana" in hopes that it is his beloved grandmother (either one) on the other side.

*He has decided that he loves books which makes the teacher and the mom side of me very happy.    He is always wanting somebody to sit in the "ee aw" (which is what he calls the rocking chair, I think in reference to the back and forth movement of it) and read with him.  Reading with my children is one of my favorite things, so I am happy to oblige.  I also love to see Little Man reading to him or Kiwi showing him the pictures in a book.

*He's not very interested in TV, but will sit for a few minutes if it is Elmo or Curious George.  He gets really excited if he hears the theme song for Curious George and will sit on the couch for a few minutes making monkey noises, laughing, and pointing at the TV before he gets bored and wanders off.

*He loves his Lovey (a bear blanket), and his Tigger and Pooh stuffed animals.  He knows that these three items are his and objects if brother or sister tries to take them (he's not that possessive about the rest of his toys).

*He lets me snuggle him.  Multiple times a day he will want to be held and will just lay his head into my shoulder and rest for a minute before wiggling out.  These are some of the best moments of my day.  Feeling the weight of his little body in my arms, his soft hair against my face, breathing in that baby scent, it makes it all so, so worth it.

*He continues to be an overall easygoing, good baby.  He is very busy.  He keeps me on my toes with his climbing, getting into things, coloring on the walls (the first of my kids to do that), but he has a very sweet temperament and is content most of the time.

*He is adored and loved by our family.  Little Man said the other day, "I wish we could just freeze Mason in time just the way he is.  He's just so cute!" I think we'd all agree with that statement.  We are having so much fun with our little guy and can't believe how big he is getting.

Trying to sneak away with an open package of grahm crackers scored from the pantry.

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  1. I love Mason, my twins love Mason, we all love Mason! He is adorable and growing so fast.

    I love your big kids' excuse to snack before dinner "because Mason wants us to!" Ahh, classic. Love it.