Monday, January 23, 2012

Warming up


I ran outside for the first time in a week.  Although there were a couple of icy patches, it felt so good to be out.  The combination of snowy and icy roads meant no running and no gym (it was closed most mornings).  Trying to work out inside the house was getting old.

We played outside for the first time in four days (after the ice hit, the snow was no longer fun).  It may not sound like much, but for these kids (and their mama) even just fifteen minutes outside makes such a difference.

My family all has their power back on.  Friday night we had my two brothers, sister in law, brother and mom for dinner (my dad was flying home from CA that night) and my brothers and sister in law stayed the night.  Saturday my youngest brother stayed with us all day and then my parents came over to do laundry and hang out.  We love having family over and the kids were absolutely thrilled to have everybody here (they were so excited to have people spend the night, Uncle Marcus had a sleepover in the big kids room), but I know they were glad to have power back.  Mike's parents didn't get it back until Sunday and we invited them over also, but they had a generator and fireplace and said they were doing okay.

I could watch the news without feeling like it was the end of the world.

Mike was able to drive to work without having to break an icicle like this off of his antenna.

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