Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Eve

      Christmas Eve was spent at Mike's parents house.  Dinner was, of course, delicious and beautifully presented.   Grandpa and Susan came along with all of Mike's siblings and Mike's brother brought his girlfriend (hopefully we didn't embarrass him too much).    
       After we enjoyed the previously mentioned delicious meal, we acted out the Nativity Story.  I wish I had some pictures of this, but unfortunately my camera died after I took the below pictures and I didn't get any pictures for the rest of the night.   I did get it on video, however, so Uncle Matt being the donkey and Uncle Dan dressed as a wise man complete with a cape (we used what we had to make costumes) is all documented for posterity which I am sure they will thank me for some day.  
     We ended by singing Away in the Manager and listening to my children and nieces singing with us while dressed in their shepherds and wise men costumes is one of my favorite moments of Christmas.  

The R. family grand kids ages six months to 6.  I love, love, love that my kids have these cousins go grow up with.

When we got home, Kiwi and Little man went right to work getting everything set out for Santa.  Little Man wrote the note himself.  Although it may appear that there was some sort of beer and kiwis (the fruit, not the girl) involved, it actually reads, "Dear Santa, The carrots are for the reindeer."
So, those carrots were the bottom of the bag and do not look too appetizing.  Good thing we had the reindeer to eat them.  

After they went to bed, Mike and I wrapped presents and made the cheesy potatoes for the next day while watching the Christmas Story on TBS (played 24 hours a day Christmas Eve).  We watch it every year while we do our Christmas Eve jobs.  This year we watched it almost two full times before it was time to go to bed.  Christmas Eve wouldn't be the same without Ralphie....

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  1. Everytime the kids are together I think about how lucky we are to live close to each other. I hope they stay close as they get older. Is it funny that I've never seen the christmas story?