Thursday, June 30, 2011

Eleven Months

     Mason turned eleven months this Monday.  Eleven months is still technically an infant.  Mike has started referring to him as a one year old but I am quick to correct him that no, he is our tiny little baby.
      Our teeny tiny baby that now says mama, dada, signs more and all done (not always at the right time, but he is learning that using them is a way to get what he wants), waves bye bye, and took two steps on his eleven month mark (and because this is currently the closest thing I have to a baby book for him his first step was June 18).  And I am pretty sure the other day when I asked what a cow says he made some sort of mooing noise.  You know, all just typical newborn stuff.
       His favorite things to do are play with the train table (or more accurately destroy any tracks that are built there) and the kitchen set.  He loves train and car toys and is in heaven when Little Man lets him have access to his huge bin of hot wheels and Lightening Mcqueen cars.  He is also almost always happy outside in the backyard and is starting to try to climb up the ladder on the Little Tykes slide so that he can go down it.
       Little Man and Kiwi are the best at getting Mason to produce that magical, contagious baby laugh, he adores his Daddy, and he is in love with his mommy.  He is definitely a mama's boy right now, but I don't mind.  I love the way that his face will light up from across a room when he sees me and how fast his little hands and knees go as he flies across the floor to me and then buries his head in my shoulder.  If I am not around, he will choose Mike, and if we are both not around he is fine with whoever will take care of him.  If I am in the room, however, he sill use any means possible to get to me.
      He hates, hates, hates diaper changes.  I remember my other two going through the wiggly, trying to crawl away when getting their pants changed stage, but I don't remember either of them having the full out screaming cry going on while they were doing it.
      He will fuss when being put into the stroller or bike trailer, but is almost always content once we start moving and there are things to look at.  I am very grateful for this since as the third child he spends more time strapped in then the other two did.
      He sleeps 10-12 hours a night without waking up at all to eat (hooray!) and takes 1-2 naps a day.  He goes to bed pretty easily.  He has started this little game where he throws his binky out of the crib and cries or stays up until you come get it and put it back in.  Once it's in, he usually settles right down and go to sleep.  I know that is probably not the best habit to start, but it's so much nicer then any other sleep training strategies, so we will go with it for now.
      He is still nursing, but only first thing in the morning, right before bed, and once in the afternoon.  He is getting better at self feeding although seems to prefer us feeding him.  His favorite foods are yogurt, bananas, and lasagna.
Practicing his self feeding.  After I had finished feeding him oatmeal, I gave him a spoon to practice himself for a little while since he had been showing interest.  Apparently, a spoon was too much work.  The best part was when he started actually licking the bowl.    

Little Man found this solution for our busy, gets into everything in the bathroom, baby the other day.  He actually sat and played with these toys for quite a while while I did Kiwi's hair and helped the big kids get ready.  

First time in a car cart which he loved.  By the way, Kiwi's earrings are from Little Man's pirate party last year, but she has taken to wearing them lately.  Aren't they lovely? 

Mad because nobody was pushing him on his bike. 

      So I wrote this post and then added the pictures and this last one gets me.  They say the camera never lies and this is not the portrait of a newborn.  My baby is getting big.  Sigh.  Still so darn cute though.

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