Thursday, February 10, 2011

This and That

Earlier this week we destroyed the kids art area while making good old fashioned Valentine's boxes for everyone in the family. Although I love my everyday life, I always welcome an excuse or reason to celebrate. To say I enjoy holidays would be an understatement.

We (being Kiwi, Little Man, and I) made a box for each member of our family. I then cut out a bunch of blank hearts and put them in a bowl by the boxes. Throughout the week we are supposed to write (or draw) reasons we love different members and then put the notes in their box. The boxes are starting to get quite a few cards in them thanks to everyone, but especially Little Man. He's been so cute, he keeps grabbing notes and going to write or draw them secretly and then running them back to the boxes. We are going to open them up on Monday night.
I have found the single best thing to entertain this baby is putting him in front of his siblings. This is him watching them yesterday while I was cleaning up from dinner.
And this is what they were doing. Wrestling and roughhousing on the couch. They were probably getting a little too crazy, but they were happy, Mason was happy, and I was getting to clean up so I let it go...until Little Man came into the kitchen holding his head. Oops.
We have been slackers on getting this guy a hair cut and this is the best I could do to tame it. This picture does not capture true rag muffinish of his do. Hair cut has now been moved to top of the priority list for tomorrow morning.

Happy Valentine's Day weekend! I am looking forward to going out with my two handsome dates (Mason still tags along with us when we go out) and then celebrating Monday night with the whole family. Any fun ideas of what to make for dinner?

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