Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Day

So my holiday loving heart had pictured Valentine's Day with the kids and I eating heart shaped pancakes, making some sort of pink treat, and then cutting out construction paper hearts to tape all over the house. The reality of our Monday included three out of the five of us sick (Mason, Mike and I) worrying about Mason, a couple sore throats, some coughing, lots of snot, some strange spots on Little Man's leg, way to much playing Angry Birds by Little Man and a trip to the pediatrician for both Little Man (he's fine) and Mason.
The closest we got to making treats was Little Man decorating the cookies we had been given by different people with some random red sprinkles from the cupboard and holiday candy. He was happy though. In the midst of Mason's constant need to be held, I did scrape together some heart shaped sandwiches. And by the end of the day everyone was feeling well enough to enjoy some Papa Murphey's pizza at a table set with a table cloth, candle and flowers. The kids got a kick out of eating at a "fancy restaurant" where Mike was the waiter. Mason even hung out in his swing while we ate which was nice because most of the weekend was spent holding our sad little baby.
We finished the night with family night where Kiwi gave a lesson on Baby Jesus being born (everytime Kiwi is in charge of the lesson, no matter what suggestions I give her, we end up hearing the story of Baby Jesus). We then played Charades (where Kiwi got excited because she thought we were doing a parade).
So, not quite what I pictured for our family's Valentine's Day but by the end Mason was feeling a little better, Mike and I had survived, and I was filled with gummy juices from the assortment of gummy products I had eaten that day from Mike (chocolate is NOT the way to this girl's heart).
Yesterday I was happy to see Mason was not running a temperature any more. As I was getting him out of his crib, Kiwi followed me into his room and promptly threw up all over the carpet. Twice. So far this has been a stay at home week.

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  1. That doesn't sound so bad, you are a good one to have a Valentines like that and make it still sound so fun! I totally agree about the chocolate statement...I would way rather have like strawberry puffs...yum! Good luck with Kiwi, we missed her today!