Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Backyard Afternoon

Wednesday we enjoyed some sunny, although cold weather. Yes, Kiwi is wearing short sleeves. That little girl of mine has a combination of hot bloodedness (is that a word) and a stubborn streak that leaves her coat hanging in the closet most of the time. Mason took a late afternoon nap and we were having leftovers for dinner so when I shepherded the kids into the backyard to play I joined them.

Shooting baskets

"Hanging" out on the swing set

(Kenzie, this one's for you)

Little Man and I also played an intense soccer game where I thought about letting him win, but when it was tied up 9-9 his trash talking got to be too much so I scored the last goal to keep him humble.

You know that stir crazy feeling that happens in the winter (or as I'm reminded by friends who live in hot places in the summer) when you can't take your kids outside and they run around and around your house bouncing (sometimes literally) off the walls with energy. At least that's what my kids do (if yours just sit nicely doing quiet indoor activities don't tell me). To prevent that from happening Wednesday evening, I made sure that they had ALL their energy out before we went it.

We did a forty lap run back and forth in the yard. Really. I'm not as mean as that sounds. They loved it. Slap a baton in their hands (in this case a twig from the ground) and call it a relay and these kids will happily run to Timbuckto.

(Post edit: On the way home from running some errands this morning, Little Man told me that yesterday he got called to the front of the room in kindergarten to draw a picture of anything he wanted. He told me he drew a picture of his whole family playing together in the back yard. And then I melted. Afternoons like this remind me of how important it is to carve out that time to just play with my kids sometimes)


  1. I can't tell you how nice that sounds! We just need some weather in the 50's and we'll be outside too. Although a fenced in yard would help!

  2. Nice pic, Meliss! You've trained him well. :)