Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Highlights:
Little Man went to a movie. Without either Mike or I. As in, a friend called him up (technically the friend's mom called me) and invited him, only him, to go to the movies. Just one more thing to remind me how fast he's growing up. Luckily, this friend's mom is a good friend of mine so I trusted her to take my precious little boy to the movies. I don't know what I am going to do when he starts getting invitations to kids birthday parties where I don't know the parents. Kiwi was a bit upset when she realized she was not invited to the movies, but she got to play Go Fish with Mommy and Daddy and go on a scooter ride. Little Man promised to tell her all about it and even brought her home some popcorn.

The Sea-Hawks winning their playoff game. I will readily admit that when it comes to our professional sports teams, I am a total bandwagon fan. Really, besides BYU and my brothers' sports teams, I don't really follow any others regularly. If you would have asked me before Saturday to name three players on the Hawks team, I couldn't have done it. Of course, I had an idea about their season; I'd have to be completely oblivious not to given my husband, father, and brothers. But here's the thing about being a bandwagon fan that is so great; when you jump on for the ride when things get exciting, which means every game you watch is exciting. I know enough about football to enjoy watching a game and in between cheering, watching, clutching Mike's arm (and entertaining a baby, getting drink refills, and breaking up fights between the big kids of course), I got a crash course in all the players. By the end of the game, Stokely was my favorite, I learned and witnessed Marshawn Lycnh's "beast mode" (if you happen to see him, ask Little Man to say beast mode, it's quite entertaining). Anyways, I love a good underdog story especially when it's my (bandwagon) team so it was a fun Saturday afternoon.
Speaking of the men who wear the blue, check out these baby blue eyes.

Not so much of a highlight:
Little Man awakening us around midnight Saturday night to say he had thrown up. Can I just say of all the bodily fluids you deal with as a parent, throw up is the worst (in my book). Apparently, he decided to come get us first instead of going to the bathroom. You can imagine what the path from his bed to our room looked like. So forty minutes of Mike and I both cleaning, new sheets, new pillow, new jammies, stuffed animals checked and some off to the wash and portable carpet cleaner being used in multiple areas later, we climbed back into bed exhausted. And just as I was finally getting back to sleep, the littlest one in the family started crying. Oh, the joys of parenthood.
Luckily, Little Man woke up fine (he actually felt fine immediately after the incident) and wasn't sick and Sunday turned out to be a pretty good day. The kids had a fairly good day at church, Mike gave a talk, and when we came home everybody had some down time (and Mason and I caught a nap) before heading over to Mike's parents. We have family dinner once a month together and we always look forward to spending time with them. The kids love to see their cousins and yesterday was no exception. They all retreated to the back bedroom and had a great (and noisy) time.

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