Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Kiwi loves Pinkalicious, a picture book about a little girl, who after eating too many pink cupcakes, turns a shade of her favorite color. My mom has owned the book for quite some time and every time we would go to my parents house, Kiwi empty all the kids books off the shelf until she found it and then find a willing reader. When Little Man spotted it in the book order sent home from school, he was so excited and we purchased it for a Christmas present so she can now read it at home too.
Also for Christmas, Grandma R. got Kiwi a cute little cupcake pan complete with little utensils, mixing bowl and matching apron and cupcake stand. Sunday afternoon was a perfect time to try it out. Kiwi and I had fun mixing and baking the cupcakes. When it came time to decorate them, I remembered that I had some pink frosting spray left over from her birthday. Kiwi was beyond thrilled to transform her cupcakes into pinkalicious ones.

Today was a rough day. Kiwi, Little Man, and I all seemed to be in bad moods this morning (Mason, however, was happy as can be today). Little Man and I were able to get over it, but Kiwi had a really hard day. There is no need to rehash everything, but if you would have stopped by today chances are she would have been in the midst of a fit, whining, or crying. As I was starting to prepare dinner, I glanced outside and all the clouds were pink as the sun went down. It was like cotton candy in the sky. Little Man was in the kitchen with me and we called for Kiwi to come quickly. We walked out on the back deck and I held her as we talked about how Pinkalicious (girl from the book) would love this sunset. It was definitely the best moment I had with her today.
By the time we were cleaning up from dinner I gave Mike the "we got to get these kids into bed before I have some sort of breakdown" look and we were able to get the two big kids in bed a little bit early tonight. After pounding some of the stress of the day out on a treadmill, I then filled the tub with water as hot as I could stand and stayed in until my fingers started to raisin. And now I am going to finish this and go to sleep feeling ready for a better today tomorrow.
Besides, I remember my grandma teaching me a saying when I was a little girl about sailors looking at the color of the sky at sunset to judge what kind of weather in would be the next day. I'm pretty sure pink sky meant sailors delight, meaning it would be a good day of sailing. I am hoping that applies to little girls and their mommies also.

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  1. Oh how I hear you! Somedays I feel like we've made a major break-through, like she's gotten out of "that" stage...and then we have days when I wonder why she's not in daycare...but I'm sure you handle it much better than I!