Friday, October 8, 2010

Old Fashioned Cute or Girly?

Mason's blessing day is Sunday. When Little Man was born, my mother in law gave us two beautiful little white outfits that had been made for Mike when he was a baby, one of which he was blessed in. As a result both of my boys get to be blessed in the same outfit their Daddy was. The outfit that Mike was blessed in was made by his great grandma. I love the idea of my baby boys being blessed in something made by their great, great grandmother. Dressing them in something that was made with love by hands that never got to hold them in this life, yet are still a part of them gives me great joy and is such a special connection that spans the generations. The outfit is a little white one piece, a handsome miniature vest with three tiny buttons...and a bonnet.
We opted for no bonnet with Little Man, but I think it's precious. I put Mason in the complete outfit this morning to make sure it fit and I think he looks like a beautiful little cherub that could be being pushed down main street in the 1920s in a carriage.
When I carried him downstairs, Kiwi wrinkled her little nose in confusion and said, "Mason's bessing (blessing) cothes (clothes) are GIRL ones." Little Man agreed and later when I said, "Didn't Mason look cute in his blessing clothes?" he responded carefully by saying,
"He did look cute...(long pause) but not really."
So do I completely have my mom glasses on with this one? You know the ones that make your child this cutest, most adorable thing in the whole world. Will he look at these pictures in fifteen years and ask why I dressed him like a girl?
The other night Mike was making Mason talk (we do this often with our baby where we pretend they are the ones talking...I don't know if that is normal or not) and he said, "All the other babies at church will laugh if I wear this."

So, sentimental and precious, or just girly? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I'm laughing out loud right now! I had the same dilemma with Hudson, it was a very similar style main problem with the outfit was that it didn't have pants. I have to be honest, he is a really cute baby so he looks cute in everything, but he might never forgive you if you make him wear the bonnet, you wanted honesty, right?

  2. Okay, I think he looks adorable. And I would definitely be tempted to have him wear it. However, Brandon thinks it looks girlie as maybe you could take some pictures with it on and off? Love you, wish I could be there tomorrow!

  3. I am for the bonnet. I totally agree with you about the 1920's deal and I love it. We had a baby blessing recently of a baby boy and they used a blessing gown that has been used for boy and girl in their family for the last 80 years! I thought it was beautiful, and not girly beautiful.

    That being said, I know a lot of people cannot handle such things, especially other guys so for the blessing DAY I would probably opt for sans bonnet.

    BUT if you don't care I say go for it, but that is just me.

  4. I am sorry, but I am so not a fan. Way too girly, both the bonnet and the outfit.

  5. A little of both? I think it's precious in the way that you like it, the vintage sweetness. but g with what you like, your family's opinoins are the ones that matter.

  6. He looked cute today, on his blessing day. And don't worry, every 15 year-old is embarrassed by what they wore as a baby, just because the styles change. He'll be embarrassed no matter what--doll him up!

  7. He's so sweet. I think it's neat that you had so much family there on Mason's blessing day. What a busy weekend for you, I'm impressed that you spoke (twice) at the stake baptism yesterday too. I really appreciated your nice thoughts about Hunter too. Thanks.