Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Friends

Today at dinner, Little Man was asking Mike who his best friend was. After answering, Mike then asked Little Man who his best friend and he immediately responded his sister.

I love the relationship that these two have. Of course they fight (oh, how they can fight!), but they love each other so much. Nothing makes me happier then seeing my kids interact and love each other. They also really love that little sleeping guy in the stroller, but he's not one for playing much yet.

Oh in case who were wondering who Mike's best friend was...it's ME! Speaking of my BFF, I need to go see if he is done working (boo for having to work at night!) and is ready to watch our nightly episode of 24. We recently joined Netflix and have started watching the show 24. It streams right to our Wii. Have you seen it? Jack Bower is like a super hero. If you haven't watched it, I recommend it with the caution that it is very addicting. We watched three shows in a row Saturday night and probably would have done more except I knew that I had a baby who would be waking up at sometime to eat and I needed to get some sleep.


  1. That's so sweet! Shafer and I went through the 24 phase as well. It is very addicting! I can't remember how many seasons we got through before it became too much. We were renting them through the library though, so we had a time limit for each disc. Enjoy!

  2. Sweet pictures! Mason is getting SO big! Time sure flies.

    As for 24, I am amazed how many severe injuries he can get and the next hour is hanging from a helicopter or something. Superman indeed!