Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Day of School

Wednesday Mike and I took Little Man to his his kindergarten orientation, Thursday was his first real day, and Friday was his first day on the bus. It was a lot of firsts, and as obvious by the last post I had a little bit of a hard time letting my little boy go. I am excited for him though and so grateful that so far he is loving school.
Thursday was Kiwi's first day of pre-school. She has been so excited. It was a lot easier to drop her off then Little Man because Miss Cindy is so wonderful. I feel more like I'm dropping her off with a Grandma (not that you are old Cindy!) a couple of afternoons a week then at school. She is just so kind to the kids and I trust her and know that my children are in a good hands when they are there.

Our two big kids.

They sure love each other. When Little Man got on the bus Friday, Kiwi said, "Mommy I feel a yittle (little) sad." When I questioned why she responded because Little Man was going on the bus to kindergarten without her. When I told her that she would be able to ride the bus in a couple of years she asked if Little Man would still be in kindergarten then also. When she found out he wouldn't be, she started crying and said she wanted to be in kindergarten with her brother.
Luckily she cheered up pretty quickly and seemed to enjoy her time with Mommy and Mason. And soon it was time to pick up Little Man and they were back to fighting and playing like usual.

I can't believe how big our kids are getting!


  1. What a big day at your house! Melissa you are such a great Mom! I loved your last post and I could really feel your words. I know those days will come before I know it. I hear people kind of make fun of how some mothers have such a hard time when kids start Kindergarten, but I feel like those feelings are totally valid. It is the first time they are not in your watchful care and out under the influence of others both good and bad. It is where the true test of motherhood takes place. Where the teaching moments become reality. Did we arm them enough? I don't know those are just some random thoughts I had as I read your posts. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Such cute kids! I especially love that first one of Kiwi! - did she pose like that all on her own?! :)