Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Beach

Last Saturday we headed to the beach with Mike's family for the day. We started the day by walking around the little town checking out the shops and buying salt water taffy from this adorable little candy store. The older couple who ran it gave all four of the "big" kids free candy and the lady could not get enough of Mason.
The four cousins had fun sightseeing, but they just kept asking to go to the beach. The couldn't wait to hit the water and really, the sand.
In fact, as soon as Kiwi and Lexy crested the hill onto the beach they plopped their little bums down and started digging. They were not willing to go one more step or wait one more second to start playing in that sand. Kiwi told me, "We found some bun (fun) sand Mommy!"


Getting out feet wet

Running away from the waves (my favorite thing to do when we went to the beach growing up)

More sand fun
Climbing a sand hill

After church on Sunday, Little Man said to me. "Mommy, I felt something in my ear and when I put my finger in and sand fell out!" (Oops, they were showered as soon as we got home, but I think we forgot about the ears)

This morning, while taking out a load of clothes from the dryer what did I find but more sand.

It's the gift that just keeps giving and reminding us of our fun day. Mike and I were commenting on how it was funny that we were taking out kids to the beach but didn't even pack swimming suits. It's true that the ocean around here is not the white sand/swimming kind, but I love it just the same. We used to go the ocean every year growing up and I have so many fond memories of it. It's exciting to see my kids enjoy many of the same things I did with my siblings and cousins there. I'm thinking we will have to make this an annual trip.

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  1. It is so fun to see your kids loving the beach. I have good memories of the beaches in the Northwest too. We're getting spoiled now with our beaches.