Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yee Haw! She's 3!

Meet the rootinst, tooninist, cowgirl around. Last Saturday, our little girl turned three years old. Meet our cowgirl

*Favorite color: Pink and red
*Favorite character: Jessie from Toy Story (hence the cowgirl hat)
*Best friend: Big brother Little Man
*Interests: Riding her scooter, playing with Jessie toys, coloring, playing with her big brother, teasing her big brother, lovin' on her little brother.
*Kiwi is a huge helper with her little brother. She loves to choose his diaper, retrieve burp cloths, and give him his binky.
*She will only go number 2 somewhere other then home if I sing Jingle Bells. More then one person at the mall or church have heard me singing Jingle Bells from the stall over.
*When she gets her mind set on something, there is no changing it or distracting her.
*She can go from happy squeals to screaming fit in .5 seconds
*This girl could compete in the gallon challenge with competitors three times her size. She can down the milk. Sippy cups, big girl cups, cups with straws, it doesn't matter the delivery mechanism, she can down the white stuff. The only reason she doesn't drink a gallon a day is because I tell her she has to have water.

The birthday festivities started Friday night, with what is becoming a tradition in our family, with a trip to Red Robin for the birthday girl to get her free kid's meal (the two "big" kids split a kid meal which works out nicely)
Kiwi watching the singing of her birthday song. She obviously didn't mind the attention. The people around us clapped and commented on how excited she was.
Dancing and waiting for her birthday meal.
Saturday we had a Toy Story Party at our house with our extended family. Over the years I have enjoyed making cakes for my kids birthdays. This year, however, I did not quite have the time or the energy to do an all afternoon cake. So, I cheated and bought little edible stickers. It was nothing great, the birthday girl was happy and honestly I considered it a success that I got a cake baked on Friday.
We had a swimming and slip and slide party since it was 90 degrees that day. Even though that is what she wanted, Kiwi was not a fan at the beginning and spent the first part in side reading with Grandpa.
Later, she decided to go out and play with her brother and cousins (she just has to do everything on her own time schedule) and had a blast.
She has been obsessed with Jessie the cowgirl since seeing Toy Story 3 in June and was thrilled to get her very own cow girl hat (see below post) from Grandma and Grandpa D.

We sure love our spunky, beautiful little girl and everything she adds to our family.

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