Monday, August 30, 2010

Little Man and school

Picture taken at his t-ball pizza party

So, Little Man will be starting kindergarten next week. I have very mixed feelings about it, but that is a post in it's own. Here are some of the things the soon to be student has said about it.

"Mommy, (deep sigh) I guess I won't be seeing Mason much anymore now that I will be in school."

"I guess I won't be able to go on leaf walks (a popular activity last fall with him and Kiwi) with you guys this year since I'll be in school."

"Mommy, what day is Halloween? I might have to miss it because I will be in school."

And this next one, which was said in an excited voice and is actually true:

"Kindergarten is in the afternoon? No more quiet time for me!" (When we are home in the afternoon, both Little Man and Kiwi spend about an hour in their rooms playing separately from each other and giving us all a break...I know what a mean mom)

I keep telling him (and myself) that it's only from 12:30-3:10 and that it's not that long and we will still have plenty of time to see each other.

And although he keeps over estimating the time he will spend there daily, I don't think he's quite grasped the every day for the next thirteen years part. He recently asked me what seasons he would be going to kindergarten. When I responded that the school year lasted all the way to next summer, he looked shocked.

"I go every day until next summer! That's a long time!"

Overall, he seems excited and although Mike and I are a little sad, we are of course very enthusiastic about it with him. One more week and we will have a child in school! How did that happen?
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