Saturday, July 24, 2010


The first game was last Wednesday at 7 P.M. By 9 A.M. outside of Little Man's room was a neat little pile consisting of his t-shirt, hat, mitt, and camera. Somebody was a little excited. I usually plan extra time when we are going anywhere because it can take us a while to get out of the door. Well, around 6:00 I told him it was time to get ready and he must have been ready at 6:01 (if only everything was as motivating to him as a t-ball game). We even had some extra time for pictures.

Kiwi had to wear her baseball hat also.

Although when it comes down to it, this is about the way she feels about Little Man playing something while she sits on the sidelines. Luckily there were two grandmas and a grandpa there to distract her. As soon as the game was done, however, she was out on the field (she tried to go out once during the game). She lined up for handshakes (no, I don't mean high fives. For some reason all the kids on both teams were actually shaking each other's hands. It was very cute) and joined the team in running through the tunnel of parents. She just wants to be big.
Watching a t-ball game can be pretty entertaining, but very little of the entertainment comes from actually following the game. It comes from the kids rolling in the dirt, running to the wrong place, colliding into teammates to try to get a ball, etc. Mike helps coach so he was out on the field the whole time and afterwards he said something along the lines of that being painful. I thought it was hilarious. And we both loved watching Little Man. He actually did get a really good hit and since he is last batter basically got an automatic home run (all the batters before had to stop at each individual base).
We left the park with him jumping up and down and saying that he loves t-ball games, so I think he enjoyed it.

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