Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday hike

Last Sunday afternoon, we decided to go on a little family hike. I had been having contractions all day Saturday and we were hoping this little adventure might help move things along.
Kiwi wearing her "hiking outfit." Isn't it lovely?

I don't have any pictures of Little Man hiking because my brother Mat joined us and he and Little Man disappeared up the trail leaving Mike, Kiwi, and I in the dust. The hike can't be longer then a mile up and down, but it is uphill the whole way up. I don't remember it being that difficult, but at nine months pregnant Kiwi's two year old pace was about perfect for me. She did great and only needed to ride on Mike's shoulders two times on the way up. On the way down, she got a free ride the whole way between Uncle Mat and Mike.
Although I had a couple of contractions, it obviously didn't work for getting the little guy out. It was a fun afternoon activity anyways, and it was also fun to hear the different comments and looks people gave me.


  1. I can vividly remember that feeling of trying to do anything strenuous at 9 months pregnant. I'm sorry it didn't work!! Good luck with everything, we'll be thinking of you guys!!

  2. Such a cute picture at the end. Good luck with that new baby. He'll be here soon!!!!