Wednesday, July 7, 2010


A party in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard

Messy hair from splashing in the wading pool

Ginormous bubble wand

And cousins to share it with.

Does life get any better then this?


  1. That is such a cute picture of them. Will you email them to me?

  2. Wow, I miss a LOT when I don't keep up with blogs more regularly! You have been very busy with a lot of fun things! I love all your pictures. I have been thinking a lot about you lately. Hope you are doing well and feeling well here at the end. It was funny - the other night Dan and I both had dreams that you were in. In his you were in a group with my friends and you were saying how you were going to have this baby in 3 hours or you weren't going into labor at all (Like you had a choice or somthing). My dream we were all in the hospital and I remember I was giving you ice chips, but you weren't in labor, I was just...feeding you ice chips. weird I know.