Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photography: The Life of a Preschooler

Little Man got a digital camera from his grandma for his birthday and he loves it. He's been taking pictures all week. We downloaded them on the computer and I thought it was interesting the things he choose to take pictures of.
Little sister wants to play.
Pre-school friends
Show and Tell basket at pre-school
The tools
I had to laugh when I saw these. He took individual and group pictures of all the Handy Manny tools. I have no idea when he did this, but the thought of him placing each tool up on his bed to photograph makes me smile. He loves those tools.
Little Sister wants a turn with camera
More legos
And yet more legos

And there you have it; Little Man's first collection of pictures. The camera is great, pretty much indestructible, and he has had a great time with it. Kiwi also enjoys taking pictures when big brother is feeling generous or when mom insists it's her turn.

Thanks Grandma R.!


  1. How fun! I love the pictures of the tools. You can tell he really loves them!

  2. It is always so fun to see the world through a child's eyes!