Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Fair

Last weekend, we went to a spring fair not too far from our house. One of the highlights of the day was a program called "The Cutest Show on Earth" where kids were invited from the audience to come participate in the show. The show was all about pirates which Little Man is currently into. At first he was hesitant to participate, but I think he was glad he did.
As it was starting, the "pirate" running it said that they needed a dad to help them. Before any of the other kids had a chance to react, Little Man had his finger pointed directly at Mike volunteering his daddy. Thus, Mike became the dreaded Captain Greenbeard and the villain of the show.
Little Man's favorite part was when he got to duel with Captain Greenbeard and defeat him with a powerful stream of water from his squirt gun.
Mike pulled of a convincing, dramatic fall which I thoroughly enjoyed watching and okay, got a good laugh out of. Mike is not usually the type to get in front of an audience and act something out, but he'll do anything for his kids. In fact, the last time I saw him do something like this was when we were newly married and visiting our favorite pizza buffet where we had an unlimited coupon for two for one meals (great for poor college students). We happened to go one night on Karaoke night and after pouring over the binder of available songs, Mike suddenly decided he would do it. He sang "I'm a Believer" from the movie Shrek (which was one of our first dates) and even pointed at his swooning female fan (me) in the audience while he was singing. We always laugh when we remember that, but it is one of my favorite memories.
Captain Greenbeard
Kiwi wanted to be a pirate, but was cast as a fish with a streamer that represented the water (a non speaking part). She got a little antsy during the show waiting for her turn, but she did a good job.
Cutest fish I've ever seen.
Not to leave me out, the lead pirate called me up to be an anchor (Mike and I were the only adults lucky enough to participate). I got to wear a funny hat and little pirates dragged me off the stage. Now it was Mike's turn to laugh. The hat would not stay on my head causing the lady who was leading it to comment that I had a "funny noggin." This is not true; I actually have a very nice shaped noggin, it just happens to be larger than most. It's usually not noticeable, but in certain situations, like when I have to wear an anchor hat designed to fit a normal sized head, it manifests itself.
Other highlights of the fair included...
Meeting Dora. I can't believe we waited almost an HOUR to get these pictures. And when we were done, the line was even longer! It was madness. But we promised the little lady we would see Dora and so Dora we saw.
It's funny because I think she's only seen the show once (Tigger and Pooh and Bernstein Bears are current favorites), but she's obsessed with the character and can spot Dora gear from across any store.
Little man got to dress in a fire coat and hold a hose.
Kiwi and Little Man got to drive a bus.
We did the fair pretty cheaply getting discount tickets and packing a lunch, but we did spring for each kid to choose a ride...and after lunch we broke down and bought an elephant ear for 6.50 which we split four ways and enjoyed as a family fair treat (darn that cash in my wallet).

It was a great Saturday.

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  1. Seeing Mike in the green beard has me singing this song from Phineas and Ferb "Argh, Argh, Argh, Argh, this is the ballad of Bad Beard."

    Looks like a ton of fun.