Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Four years old

As a result of a friend's birthday party and Grandma taking the kids out to lunch, Little Man has recently managed to obtain not one, but two Happy Meal toys. He now is the proud owner of a two Star Wars little heads that open and close. When he got the first one, Luke Skywalker, he said, "What is this anyway?"
Although he still has no idea who Luke Skywalker is today he thrust both toys into my line of sight and declared,
"Mommy, aren't these the best toys EVER?!"

Meet Hairy Head. About a week and a half ago, Little Man came home with a hairless head and instructions to water him and put him where the "sun could wake up the seed." On Hairy's second day with us, Kiwi, in an effort to be helpful, proceeded to drown the poor guy. Days went by and nothing sprouted. Little Man anxiously talked about him and to him and even did some sort of grow dance he had seen on Tigger and Pooh to help his hairless friend grow something up top. By Thursday, I was quite certain that the seed would not be sprouting. That night as I tucked him in, Little Man told me, "Miss Cindy said you can't water them too much and Kiwi put a lot of water in him. She made him dirt soup." The fact that he was talking about Hairy last thing before going to sleep (when I hadn't mentioned it) showed me just how worried this seed.
I was worried that my little guy would be the only one with a bald friend to report to his preschool class Tuesday. So I transported Hairy from his home by the window and took him to the garage for emergency surgery. There I proceeded to sprinkle a handful of the grass repair seed we had recently purchased for our front yard. I covered the mixture with dirt, put a LITTLE water in and then placed him safely back by the window. The only witness to this secret surgery was Mike. We didn't breathe a word of it to Little Man and about three days later (just in time for him to go to preschool Tuesday) Little Man had a little fuzzy friend. I'm pretty sure it's not as full of a head of hair as some of his other friends, but he's thrilled and all is well in the world of hairy headed plants.

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  1. Oh! His poor little plant. I am glad that you helped it out. Maybe you should forgo the expensive presents and just get him some happy meal toys for his birthday. ;)