Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Day of Rest

Mike has been working a lot lately. And when Mike is working extra, I also am working extra. It's been a really busy three weeks.
Today we came home from church at noon, and we had nothing for the rest of the day. Absolutely NOTHING. We made an early dinner (or linner if you may) and ate a nice meal as a family. While Kiwi and I took some taco salad down to Great Grandpa and Grandma Billye (feel better soon Grandma Billye!) Mike and Little Man cleaned the kitchen. When we came home, the kids had some quiet time in their rooms and I even snuck in a Sunday afternoon nap. It was wonderful. Later we played some Thomas the Tank Engine bingo and when we started to get hungry again the kids helped me make some cinnamon twists with Rhodes bread dough. The kids played well with each other and there were few fights to break up and only one timeout for Kiwi. All the while the rain beat down on our house.
The unceasing pounding rain starkly contrasted (while at the same time added) to the warmth and coziness of all of us being together in our home. I felt so grateful and blessed; for a warm place to live, for a wonderful family, and for a day set aside every week for us to worship, to regroup, to enjoy our family, and to prepare ourselves for the upcoming week.
It was a good Sunday.

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