Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Review

Friday some friends invited us to go to the zoo with them on their zoo pass. Until a couple of weeks ago, when another friend brought it up, I didn't even know the zoo was open in the winter! It is though, and it really is a great time to go. It wasn't busy at all, so we were able to wander around and take our time and didn't have to worry about crowds at the park or in the petting zoo. It wasn't too cold and although we came fully equipped with rain jackets and boots, it didn't even rain. It was a really fun morning.
Friday night we took the kiddos to McDonald's where they got to enjoy a rare treat; a Happy Meal. Although we do sometimes take them to get nuggets, we never buy Happy Meals. In fact, Little Man has made the comment that Happy Meals are a "Grandma thing" because the only time he gets one is when my mom or brothers take him out. Mike had promised Kiwi a Happy Meal, however, if she reached a milestone in her potty training and she did. And Little Man just got one because (potty training is turning out to be a sweet deal for him)
While the kids ate (Mike and I waited until we got home...although it's their favorite, it's at the bottom of my list of places to eat) we were talking about what a fun day they had. This prompted Little Man to stand up on the bench and declare that this day had been a
"Dream come true!" and that he wished "every day and every night and every day and every night could be just like this one!" His voice continued to rise in volume as he made his decree and I had to remind him to keep it down. I was glad he had a dream come true though.
Pictures of the kids playing at the park at the zoo.

After doing some halfway potty training for the last couple of weeks (mainly as a result of reluctance and hesitancy on my part to invest all the time and subject my uneasy stomach to the whole process) we started really doing it. And she has done wonderfully! Since Thursday, she has only had two accidents! She's taking it all it stride and it hasn't been that hard (hopefully I'm not speaking too soon).

Although every time she has to go (ahem) #2, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom reading books, etc. This is by far the most time consuming part of the process and has many false alarms, so hopefully she will get more comfortable with it soon. (I can't believe I just blogged about that, but it has been a major part of our these past few days)
The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxed. We did a huge grocery shopping trip as a family Saturday morning, after Mike and the kids warmed up with yoga. Mike has never led Yoga Bear before and I thought the three of them looked so cute I had to snap a picture. Saturday night we had a date night in where we put the kids to bed, Mike went and picked up some food and we ate a late dinner and watched a movie.
It might sound like much, but to me a little girl on her way out of diapers, a little boy who had a dream come true, and Mike and I discovering somewhere we can get decent take out sushi not far from our house was a pretty successful weekend!


  1. Happy Meals are definitely a "Grandma thing" with us too!

  2. I love the yoga picture! Do you guys have a video you use with the kids, or do you just do your own poses?

  3. It has been a while since I've been able to read blogs and I loved catching up on yours. What a weekend! I especially loved the dream come true and the potty training successes!