Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Love is in the Air

Just thought I'd share some of the love that is floating around our house...
This afternoon we worked on Little Man's valentines for his upcoming preschool party. He sat for at least fifteen minutes painstakingly writing his name on ten Valentine's for his classmates and teacher. I wrote the recipients names on the cards he directed for each one and then he was in charge of the red heart stickers. He placed one heart on each Valentine somewhere by that child's name. Except for one little girl. Little E got a card full of hearts. He worked on hers for quite a while. I almost told him every kid needed the same amount of stickers, but then I thought I would let him follow his little heart(and really at four as long as every kid gets a card and the accompanying candy...let's be honest, really as long as they get the candy they're good)

Also today while reading books, Kiwi turned her head into my shirt nuzzled me with her little face all for the purpose of wiping her snot all over me. A couple minutes later she did it again and then started scratching my back. Could I be more loved?
Because I love my family and want to keep their love producers (aka hearts) healthy for a long, long time yesterday I tried making a lasagna with ground turkey, low fat cottage cheese (instead of ricotta) and low fat mozzarella. It probably isn't going to be making a debut on The Biggest Loser anytime soon (do those trainers even believe in cheese at all?) but it was definitely a healthier alternative to regular lasagna and as evidenced by the missing pieces my family enjoyed it.

When we are at the dinner table and Kiwi announces that she has to go to the bathroom, it is almost always Mike who gets up to take her. He takes care of most children bathroom related things when he is home, which makes me love him even more!

This morning, my children could not share a certain toy. They fought, whined, and cried over it while I struggled to get us ready for the day. Eventually, I took it away (okay, okay, it might have been a little bit like a snatch) from a surprised Little Man and threatened to put it in the closet if they couldn't stop fighting about it. This caused both darlings to promptly burst into tears. I did this because I love them enough to stop them from hitting each other in the heads with this toy and because I love myself and them enough to try and stay a sane mommy.

Speaking of the upcoming holiday, the kids and I made the decorations for our family V-day dinner we are planning for Sunday. Although we are on our way to having the decor done, the only thing planned for the menu so far is heart shaped jello jigglers. Any ideas for some good valentine's day food?

Happy Valentine's Day week!

P.S. What is the best way to respond to comments? Sometimes someone asks a question and I want to answer it. Is there a way to respond directly to that person through the comments? Just curious.


  1. Are you guys not coming to family dinner on Sunday? I hope you are Ellie has been looking forward to it.

  2. I love lasagna with cottage cheese! Good job modifying a favorite into a heart healthier version!