Monday, January 11, 2010

Wednesday Activity

Last week we learned about the sun (topic may have been very possibly chosen on my subconscious level because we've had so little of it lately).

After doing our usual start up of yoga, we threw in some "aerobics." Really we just danced to Disney music and took turns leading. I don't know if you all know about this little internet gem, but the site lets you create your own radio stations and allows up to 40 hours of free listening a month. There is very rarely an ad and when it does occur it's about thirty seconds and then it's back to music. You type in an artist, genre, or song and it will go and find songs it thinks you'd like. For example we have a "Wiggles" station which basically just plays preschool music and a Disney station that plays the disney songs. I love it, the kids love it, and it's so much cheaper than buying kids CDs (I also use it to listen to "regular" music also).

After talking a little bit about the sun, we went to where we looked at some pictures and listened to a very catchy little song about the "sun is a mass of ircandescent gas" which I had stuck in my head for the rest of the day. Some of the stuff was above their heads, but Little Man enjoyed looking at the pictures for a few minutes and was asking questions. Both of them liked the song.

Our activity was making suns out of paper plates and handprints. The picture basically shows it for what it is. We just painted the backs of the paper plates and the cut out hands (you'll notice Kiwi's lack of color on the sun's "rays") and stapled the hands to the paper. Viola! Two of our very own suns.

For our last Wednesday activity before "Christmas break" we made homemade cards and wrapping papers. I let the kids use stamps which they loved, but needed some serious supervision to stamp the outside of their cards. Kiwi decided to paint the inside of hers and Little Man painted the outside of his and signed his name on the inside. I then hole punched the sides and tied a ribbon through them.

The wrapping paper didn't turn out quite a I expected. We just used the back of some birthday wrapping paper and then stamped and finger painted it. It turned out...well perfect to wrap grandparents gifts in. I think the kids really enjoyed using the paper and handing out their home made cards. This could really be done for any occasion and I think we will do both again.


  1. If it's the same song I'm thinking of, the song about the sun is from They Might Be Giants' Here comes science cd/dvd. It is AWESOME. We recently had to return the copy we had to the library, and it's already on hold again.

  2. Never thought of playing kids' music on Pandora! Great idea. ..."a giant nuclear furnace..."