Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day

After tucking Little Man in Christmas Eve and repeatedly assuring him that Santa would not come into his room and wasn't here yet, we told him that he needed to wait until at least 7:00 to wake us up, but that eight would be better because we knew Kiwi would probably sleep in a little in the morning (after being up late two night in a row). He did try to come in at about 3:30, but after we got him back into his bed he actually stayed there until 8:00. Eight must have been the only number he heard because I'm pretty sure he was waiting for the clock. We woke up to him coming in and saying, "It's 8!" and then defensively, as if expecting to be sent back to bed, "Hey, your clock only says the 7-5-8 (he occasionally will correctly state time, but usually just says each number individually), but MINE says the 8!" We laughed and had him come in bed with us for a couple of minutes while we contemplated waking up Kiwi and then we heard her wake up on her own. After impatiently waiting for his sister to get her diaper changed and Mommy to position herself downstairs with the camera the kids took off down the stairs.
We left the Santa presents unwrapped under the stockings. Little Man has been asking for the Handy Manny tool set for months now. He was so excited. Two and a half weeks later, the tool set still goes everywhere Mom and Dad will allow to go and all the tools actually sleep with him at night. Kiwi also loves her Dora doll and carried it around for a couple of days although it has not replaced her precious teddy. Dora is still hanging onto a spot in the crib, however. Little Man used to want to sleep with every stuffed animal, doll, car, etc. he owned (actually he still does that) but Kiwi is very selective about who gets a spot in the crib with her. Dolls have been known to be thrown out. Currently, three toys share the honor: Teddy (who has never been kicked out), Pinky (a pink teddy bear) and Dora.
After the Santa gifts they opened presents from Mike and I and each other. I love the ages they are at and how excited they are about everything they get.
Kiwi hugging Dora.
Opening a present together.
For the first time in our married lives, Mike and I (and the kids of course) had Christmas breakfast at our own house. We usually rush to whatever family we are spending Christmas day with in the morning, but we enjoyed a quiet morning with just the four of us this year. Mike and Little Man built with new Legos, Kiwi and I played with her doll house (she had received some new people and accessories for it), I glanced through a new book. It was a really nice morning. We had a late breakfast of waffles and then got ready and headed to my parents house.
Little Man opening a present at my Mom and Dad's WITH the help of his tools (I'm not kidding about them going everywhere). We spent a wonderful day with my family (missing Mallory, Brandon, and Annabelle of course!). My aunt and two of her girls (one was home sick with my uncle) came for dinner. We played board games and the Wii (which my brothers got) and kept our kids up way too late. They both passed out in the car at about 11:30 that night on the way home and the next morning they slept in until 9:45 (Kiwi) and 10:00 (Little Man). Mike and I slept until almost 9:00. I honestly can not remember the last time that happened. They must have been completely wiped from all the holiday festivities. It was a wonderful day after Christmas present.

I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and enjoyed spending time with them. Most of all I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ and the gift that He gave us. Because of Him, I know that I can be with my family forever and ever and there really is nothing I want more.

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