Friday, November 13, 2009

Wednesday Activity: Fish

This week's theme was fish. After our weekly yoga session (which Kiwi opted out of and instead sat wrapped in a blanket drinking milk and watching us) we read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. Although this book actually has little to do with fish besides it's title, it is chalk full of rhyming words which I told Little Man to be on the look out for. I found some cool videos on National Geographic's website with real ocean scenes and all of us enjoyed those. It was the first time I had visited their website and it was great. It even has a section for kids.

For our activity, we made aquariums. I wish I would have wrote down the website where I found this idea, but I didn't. All you need is two paper plates, paints, construction paper, plastic wrap, some glue, tape, and a stapler.

To make the front of the "aquarium" cut out the center circle of the plate that will go on top. We then painted both paper plates. After the paint dried, I cut some fish shapes out of construction paper and the kids decorated them. We also found some foam stickers in our craft box that included some dolphins and fish. These were stuck on the plate and the paper fish were glued. We used some crepe paper for waves and some glitter because...well, because it's glitter.

Both the kids then decorated the outside of their aquariums and then I taped plastic wrap over the circle opening to make it look like glass. I then stapled both plates together and we had aquariums. This project could also be done using a washed meat tray instead. I actually think that might look better because there would be more room to put the fish and it would be a little deeper then the plates stapled together.

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  1. Love this aquarium idea, and the paper plates worked great. When I was teaching, I went to the grocery store and just asked for the foam meat trays (unused of course), and they were more than willing to donate a stack. I'm sure they'd hand you two if you ever wanted them. Just a note I thought I'd pass along.

    Oh, and I have told you how much I LOVE reading your blog? So entertaining. Miss you!