Saturday, November 7, 2009

Walmart, Sometimes it's worth it

I really, really don't enjoy going to the Walmart in our city. I usually avoid it if I can. It is old, the aisles are tiny creating traffic jams or people and carts. There are no wipes to sanitize your carts when you enter the store and there is never, never enough checkers working the front. There are bigger, cleaner, brighter Walmarts nearby but yesterday was one of those days where we had other errands to run and this Walmart was the closest one so I sucked it up and went in.
And we actually had a good trip. We spent an hour in there, not because we got a cartload of stuff, but because we were having fun looking at different things and the kids were being really good. The deal of the trip were the above costumes that we scored for two bucks a piece! Even if they don't end up wearing them next year, two bucks is worth it for the dress up value (Little Man wore that costume all afternoon long). As a tangent, can I just say I can't believe that there is a Paris Hilton costume. She is about the last (or at least one of the last) people that I would have my little girl dressing up as.

All of the Christmas stuff was also up. I may or may not have bought some snow flake window clings. Although the Christmas season is my favorite, I am usually staunchly opposed to any sort of holiday decor of festivities before Thanksgiving. But they had all the fake trees with the lights and those little reindeer things and rows and rows of ornaments and I only went into that section because the kids wanted to. It was strictly for the children. It was not as if I named the cart the "Christmas Express" and pushed Little Man though the aisles (with Kiwi walking beside us. She doesn't stay in a cart for long, while Little Man has recently decided he wants to squeeze his four year old body into the front seat) excitedly pointing out different decorations. Sheesh, it's only the beginning of November.

So although I still don't especially enjoy our local Walmart, when I get two dollar Halloween costumes, I have to admit that sometimes it is worth the stop.

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