Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wednesday Activity

Mal and Annabelle joined us for our Wednesday activity while they were here. Here is what we envisioned: Making cute Halloween cookies with the children, having them dress up in their costumes and have a costume parade, having a Halloween dance party, and then going down to the craft store to get some things we wanted to pick up.

We did successfully manage to make cookies and they were cute. It took about twice as long as anticipated, required an unplanned trip to the store, and consisted of about ten meltdowns (a couple by the girls and about eight by Little Man. He was having an off day).
The kiddos looked adorable in their costumes and the parade had Little Man running around, Annabelle tottering behind, and Kiwi stripping her costume off before she even completed one loop.
The dance party was fun, but I didn't blame Annabelle for not wanting to join her cousins on the floor (Mal held her).
We never made it to the craft store, but three out of four isn't bad. In the end both mommies were exhausted, but happy and the kids had fun so it was a success.

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