Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wednesday Activity

For this week's Wednesday activity we made a little homemade Halloween decoration.
We went to the craft store first and I let the kids pick out these little wood Halloween shapes they had. They were 4 for a dollar. The kids had a blast picking out their own shapes and looking at all the decorations in the store (getting into the van it all started to fall apart and the car ride home consisted of two screaming children and one frazzled mommy but we don't need to go into that)
Once we got home and got everyone settled down, we started our project. I had planned on gluing their finished products to Popsicle sticks and then teaching them the finger play "Five Little Pumpkins" and having them use their "puppets" to do it. I soon discovered we didn't have enough Popsicle sticks so we learned the poem and I used what we did have (string and some random cloths pins) to make the decoration and then hang it in our kitchen. Both the kids like seeing their artwork displayed.
It was a perfect activity for an inside day. As with any sort of craft I endeavor to do, it was very simple, but we had fun.

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