Friday, October 23, 2009

Thank Goodness...

Kiwi woke us all up early this morning. Yesterday was a no nap day for her and also a jam packed, fun filled one that had both kids exhausted by evening. I had hoped for sleeping in children, especially since I had a list of things to do today and was planning to get started while they were still sleeping.
6:15 found me going into the little one's room and telling her it wasn't time to get up yet. She wanted to be tucked back in and I did hoping she would go back to sleep. I don't think she ever did and I never did. Her noises woke Little Man up about 7:00 which was a far cry from the sleeping in I had anticipated, but wouldn't have been horrible (7 is like the magic time for me when I'm suddenly okay with children being up. 6:59 not okay, 7:00 okay) except for he was still tired.
Mike, who is working from home today, tried to ignore the early morning noises and to continue sleeping. The poor guy has been up past 1:00 the last three nights working on his beastly homework assignment.
Fast forward to 9:30 with bath, breakfast, some playing, and some Seasme Street behind us and we have a slightly grumpy mommy, a probably tired daddy working downstairs, and a four year old boy screaming in his room throwing the biggest fit he has in months because I had the gall to insist of him picking up his jammies off the bathroom floor and putting on some clothes before he could play.
And the sweet little girl who started our morning...
Playing in her room happy as can be.

All I can say, is thank goodness is Friday!

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