Tuesday, October 13, 2009


The below picture is one of me and two of my brothers. The one in the middle is my second to youngest brother Mathew. I used to call him Matty, but somewhere along the line (probably when he was about 14) I sensed it may be embarrassing him to have me yelling "Go Matty!" at his sporting events in front of his friends.
I remember walking him around the family room one evening when he was just a newborn (I am ten years older then him) and gently bouncing him pretending like I was all grown up and he was my own baby.
And now suddenly he's 17 and voted into the Homecoming court at his high school. But the best part is he's not like one of those kids in the high school movies where all the Homecoming "royalty" are the mean kids. He's a genuine, hardworking, kind person who really cares about other people. I'm glad that the students and the board (they have to interviewed at his school) recognized this. Not that those who know him needed to see him paraded around in a car to know this about him.
'Cause we already did.
Congrats Mat (Matty!) We love you!

What handsome brothers I have!

Ignore the funky eyes in this picture. I tried to use the red eye tool and although it successfully covered Mathew and Little Man's red eye I also inadvertently ended up making them look like they have crazy eyes.

Side story: My dad is notorious for letting his voice be heard at sporting events (a nice way of saying he can yell and cheer very loudly). While we were watching the Homecoming football game Friday night something happened that got many of the parents, including my dad, yelling about something. Little Man, on his own, leaned forward and tapped my dad. When my dad turned, Little Man looked at him completely serious and said, "Calm down Grandpa."
We all got a laugh out of that one, including my dad.

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