Saturday, October 31, 2009

Children's Museum

My mom, Mallory, and I took the kids to a Children's Museum. I have been here a couple times before and it is always a little stressful with parents and kids everywhere, but for some reason on this Monday morning we almost had the whole thing to ourselves. Combine that with three adults for three children and it was a very fun and pretty relaxed morning.
We started with a quick stop at Fred Meyers to get some lunch supplies. We called this the "cousin cart" and the kids found this hilarious. It was a pretty uneventful grocery long as you don't count the incident of Kiwi taking Annabelle down by the deli section.
The hit of the museum for all three of the kids was the little section that had play food, grocery baskets, and cash registers. All of them had fun making sandwiches and being the workers and shoppers. I think they would have stayed there all day if us adults didn't convince them that there was more to see.
The had this great art studio where all of the kids painted and made masks.
It was a really good morning.

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