Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baby Shower

Since most of us will not see Mal before she has her baby, we decided to throw her a family shower. We kept it small just inviting aunts, cousins, and grandmas, and it was a lot of fun.

Mal craves cake when pregnant, so cake was a must! We did a blue and yellow color scheme so I did a ducky cake. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was my first two layer cake so I was excited. I also bought this cool spatula that helps smooth the frosting really well giving me the smoothest finish I've had yet. The ducks on top are just rubber ducks. There were also some of the side in front of the white squiggles, but I had borrowed the kids for those and they freaked out and took them off when they saw them (they were later persauded to put them back on).

Sister-in-law Paula, Mal and Baby A

Here we have the beautiful guest of honor. Yes, she is pregnant. In fact, if you look at her from the side closely enough you can detect a slight bulge. Size wise it resembles the bulge that I get after eating Sunday dinner at the in-laws (my mother-in-law's homemade lasagna, rolls, and _____insert name here of whatever ridiculously delicious homemade dessert was on the menu that night are a deadly/wonderful combination). The only difference is Mallory's bulge comes from being twenty two weeks pregnant with her SECOND child. I don't get it, I mean we are sisters...why didn't I get those genes?

My "little" girl cousins who aren't so little anymore.

Aunt Dawn (I love the interaction between her and Little Man in this picture), Little Man, Kari, Grandma, Aunt Holly

Little Man was one of two males present at the party (the other can be spotted in the far right corner in his infant seat and slept most of the time). He was loving it. He was such a good little host. He was running around like crazy before hand helping set up and decorating. When people started arriving he would announce who was here ("Aunt Holly and Great Grandma are on their way!" he shouted to everyone while bouncing up and down after I got off the phone with my grandma who had taken a wrong turn) and directed everyone where to set their gifts. He played the game, ate cake, and mingled with all the guests. When he finally went to bed, he stood on the landing and waved good night (making me think of that scence in the Sound of Music where all the kids sing their way up the stairs).

We had a stack of cups, plates, and napkins, but that was not good enough for Little Mr. Host. He took the stack of cups apart placing them along the counter top and then proceeded to place a plate and a napkin on top of each one. When my mom commented on this he replied,
"Grandma, I've been to decorating school." When pressed about when he had done that he responded with,
"I have no idea."
Where does he come up with these things?

It was such a fun night. I am so blessed to have extended family on both sides that I get along so well with . I love hanging out with them. We need more excuses to get together without all the men and the little ones (not that we don't love them!)

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