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Abby's Baptism

    Today was a good day; a beautiful, sunny, perfect day for a baptism.  Abby was baptized this afternoon and it was such a happy occasion.  This evening she said, "I wish you got to have two baptisms, because I want to do this day again." I know the feeling.  Days like todays are the ones you want to pull out of your memory on the not so good days and just put on repeat.     It seems like just yesterday we were posing in this exact spot for Carson's baptism, but Mason was the two year old and Elliot asleep in his baby carrier.  It's crazy how fast it goes! With some sweet friends.  With Great Grandpa E and Great Grandma Billye.  With Great Grandma D.  We missed my grandpa, but felt lucky to be able to have two of Abby's great grandparents in attendance.   With Grandpa and Grandma D.  Grandma and Grandpa R.  Cousins who were able to make it.  With Mom and Dad (and of course my little attachment peeking out from behind). 

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